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2019 NorthPark Christmas Concert

Light and Salt Academy performed alongside St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church and Parakaleo Trio at NorthPark Center for their second year.

After months of preparation, Light and Salt Children’s Choir finally returned to NorthPark Center for their annual concert. Joined by St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church, they performed festive songs for the holiday shoppers. This concert was a perfect opportunity to raise money and showcase the children’s hard work. Though this performance is the last of the year, the kids have a lot more to offer. Please look forward to what the next year brings!

Concert Setlist

Light and Salt Children's Choir

You Raise Me Up - Rolf Lovland and Brendan Graham

I Don't Want to Live on the Moon - Jeff Moss

Just One Small Voice - Nancy Price and Don Besig

Parakaleo Trio

Haydn Trio No. 39 "Gypsy Rondo" Mvt. III

Be Still David - J. Evans

St. Andrew Kim Catholic Church Immanuel Children's Choir

Christmas Blessings - HyunCheol Kim

I Feel the Spirit - Nancy Price

Light and Salt Children's Choir

Love Grows at Christmastime - Masa Fukuda and Jeannine Lasky

Light and Salt Children's Choir and Immanuel Children's Choir

Christmas Medley - Masa Fukuda

The event ended with gift-giving. After the concert, the choir was given Christmas presents organized and wrapped by the kids at Life Church. Filled with toys and snacks, these gifts were a perfect start to the winter break!

We hope the Christmas spirit of giving extends to our refugee choir. For those who could not make it to the concert but would like to help, please contact us or donate. Thank you for another successful year!

Special thanks to the pianist Hee-Sun Kim, violinist Youna Doh, flutist Sophia Lee (pictured on the left), and soloist Kay Cho for their accompaniment and performance!


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