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Vickery Meadow Festival

Light and Salt Academy partnered with Life Church to host the Vickery Meadow Festival, bringing the community together for a fun night.

The evening began with the choirs from Light and Salt Academy and Life Church. Separate and together, the two groups performed songs that stirred excitement for the festival and its activities.

The festival took place at Jack Lowe Sr. Elementary School, which many of the members attend. Performing in front of their peers made the performance more memorable for Light and Salt Children's Choir.

Once the choirs finished performing, the children immediately went to the various stations! With old and new friends, they explored all of the activities, some of which included face paint, cotton candy, and crafts. To the choir members, this festival was a reward for all of their hard work!

From registration to supervision, this festival would not have been possible without Life Church. Their volunteers provided the food, materials, and prizes that helped the activities run smoothly. Thank you to everyone that attended, and we hope this night was as special to you as it was to us!


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